Bike Riding to the Airport: The Conclusion (Part 2)

The flight home from Perth was fast, aided by a tail wind. After only three hours and forty minutes in the air, I was back in Sydney. Craig (AKA the red-headed fiance-sized cycle buddy from Part 1) came to meet me from the airport. It was 37 degrees in Sydney on December 1, when I returned, and the mercury was still hovering around 29 at 10.30pm when my flight landed. I texted Craig as I got off the plane in excitement to see him and also in anticipation of hearing about the success or failure of this attempt to ride to and from the airport. When I didn’t hear from Craig absolutely immediately about the presence of my bike, I imagined that he was standing where my bike had been tied up unsure how to break the news of its absence to me gently. However, my doomsday scenario was incorrect! I arrived at the bikes about five minutes later to find his tied up to mine. Not too long after I saw Craig too. It was a very happy reunion both with me and my love and me and my bike!

CMJ and Jen Mae's Bikes at the Airport

CMJ and Jen Mae’s Bikes at the Airport

In summary, I would absolutely recommend riding to Sydney airport if you can carry your bags either in a basket or on your back. It is absolutely excellent to get a bit of exercise after sitting on a flight for so long and it is a really nice way to get home. My bike was parked in a well-lit area with many other bikes. It seems that both workers and travellers get to the airport in this way. We are heading up to Byron later in the year, so maybe we will get a chance to test the idea again then. Until then, safe riding comrades!

2 Comments on “Bike Riding to the Airport: The Conclusion (Part 2)”

  1. Hi Jen,
    I loved your write up on this! I’ve done similar trips, but haven’t parked my bike at the airport before. When I did a bit of cycle touring in Tasmania, I rode to the airport with all my luggage, dismantled my bike and put it in a bike bag (Ground Effects Tardis). I had quite an audience with people questioning whether it would fit in the bag 🙂 The best thing was landing in Hobart and building my bike then cycling away from the airport and starting my cycle trip!
    I’d definitely recommend riding to the airport to anyone thinking about it.
    Catch you soon.

    • Wow!

      That is super cool. What a way to do it! I wonder if it would be worthwhile/cost effective to do that even if you weren’t cycle touring, but instead going to Melbourne or Adelaide for a stint? Hmmmm. Either way, it is a neat way to get to the airport for sure!

      See you soon,
      Jen x

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